Remember 9/11… 17 Years Later

As I look back 17 years to when the September 11th attacks took place, I remember where I was, what I was doing, and what I thought of as it unfolded.

I was in 4th Grade and we were in the science portion of class, when everything stopped. Teachers had us wait, play a game with the substitute teacher(s) as they all met and saw what had happened. I could see the look of sadness and wonder in the eyes of my 4th grade teacher. She had explained that there had been an incident in New York City, asking if anyone’s parents worked in Manhattan. They had explained that there had been an accident and as a result, the school district had an early (immediate) dismissal.

When I got home about an hour later, I saw the television on, my parents watching and wondering what would happen next. Me being so young, I couldn’t even imagine how what was unfolding would determine the future of the safety of our country. As the towers fell, my parents were upset saying, look at all those people, citizens, cops, firefighters, EMT personnel.

Thousands killed, and we will always remember what we saw that day, where we were, and what we learned.

What did I learn?
Live everyday like it;s your last because tomorrow isn’t promised. Love your family, friends, forgive, and move on with life and let bygones be bygones. Nobody who died on that day expected it to happen, it just happened, without many saying good-bye or a simple “I love you”. Take the time today to silence, remember those who were lost and remember that we live in the greatest country in the world. I’m PROUD to be an American.

God Bless America.

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